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Bruce V. Bloom, CFE
Bloom & Associates, LLC
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Bloom and Associates, LLC

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Bloom and Associates, LLC website. We appreciate your interest!

Franchising has had a significant impact on our economy. It has created opportunities for individuals (franchisees) to pursue their personal entrepreneurship goals. It has allowed companies (franchisors) to successfully establish and facilitate the distribution of their brands!

Based on information provided by the International Franchise Association (IFA) at www.franchise.org, (6-15) the estimated economic impact of franchising to our economy includes;

  • 781,991 operating franchised establishments
  • Estimated employment in franchised businesses of 8.8 m
  • Economic output of $890 B
  • Economic output represents 3% of total US Gross Domestic Product

Additionally, it has been previously estimated that franchising represents over 300 different business lines.

Bloom and Associates, LLC is uniquely qualified to assist you, whether as an existing or potential franchisor or franchisee through its experienced, practical franchise and business advisory and consulting support.

If you are considering,

  • The feasibility of franchising your business model including the development of the appropriate franchise business strategy and disciplines to effectively develop, operate and grow your business as a franchised concept.
  • As a new or existing franchisor seeking experienced franchise sales and development support.
  • Looking for interim management support for systems in transition, to enhance the disciplines associated with your existing franchise system and/or facing challenges with specific business disciplines.

I cordially invite you to contact me personally at 615.472.1647 or Bloom-Associates@comcast.net. I would appreciate an opportunity to learn more about your business and specific circumstances and to discuss how Bloom & Associates, LLC can be of assistance to you.

Thank you,

Bruce V. Bloom, CFE
Bloom and Associates, LLC

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